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Liam’s at dissection camp this week. So far they’ve dissected a shark and a frog. He is LOVING this camp and is not grossed out at all which is kind of weird, but I guess it takes all kinds.

One of Liam’s friends and his sister had a lemonade stand today. Not only did I get lemonade, but I got the option of getting crushed blackberries in my lemonade AND I got a discount for being the mom of a friend. 🙂

I love it when gelato is on sale. 🙂

We had to go to a going away party today. Bridget and her husband are moving back to the Midwest to be closer to family and are leaving a huge gap in our church family. Bridget was the faith formation director at our church which means she led all of the children’s programs including VBS and Sunday School. She and her husband are such a great couple and they will be greatly missed.

This is the second year Colm and some of his friends have been in a book club. They read the book before the meeting, then they discuss the book/play a fun game that has to do with the book and then do an activity related to what they read. Then they play or swim…depending on the venue. Today they discussed their book about Neil Armstrong, played a little comprehension game and then launched water balloons using these awesome balloon launchers that a friend of ours made. Good times.

Camp Cursive is paying off. Colm has been spending some time this summer learning how to read and write in cursive. I don’t care what anyone says about cursive being dead and kids spending so much time on computers that they don’t need to know cursive. I disagree. If my child receives a piece of mail and can’t read it because it’s in cursive, that’s just sad. What if he goes to buy a house and needs to sign all those papers and he can’t sign his name? Should he just print his name? No. Cursive is not dead…at least not in our house.

I try and make sure that the boys volunteer at the food bank at least a few times each summer. This was our first time this summer. They love to help unload the trucks and help unpack the butter, yogurt and cheese boxes. They know exactly where those things go and they know what to do if there’s more in the boxes than will fit in the frig…it goes in the overflow frig. The older (and stronger) they get, the more they’re able to help unload the trucks too.

Yes, he got a fauxhawk this time, too. 😉

One of the many reasons I love summer…bowling on a Monday afternoon with the boys.

We have apples growing in our backyard! We have two apples trees. One of them doesn’t have any apples and the other has about five. We’ve only had these apple trees for a year and didn’t expect to get any apples at all, so we’re very excited about the few that we have.