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I know you probably think you have the best friends, but you don’t because I do. Word got out that we were going to have to put our sweet pup of fourteen years to sleep and a dear friend showed up on our doorstep with these.

I have had these scrubs since middle school, yes, middle school. They have seen me through middle school, high school, college, Arizona, back to Kansas and then to Oregon. These jammies have a lot of miles in them and it’s time to say good-bye. They’ve served me well, but when you have safety pins in the crotch to hold them together that have been there for so long that you can’t even remember putting them there, well…it’s just time.

I haven’t been to TJ’s in probably a year…okay, maybe not that long, but it’s been a long time. I was in the neighborhood today, so I thought I’d stop in. I love their pasta sauce and it’s super cheap, so I picked up a few jars along with some OJ, some eggs and some tortilla chips. I also got some hummus while I was there…they have the BEST hummus. I know, I should have gotten some fun TJ stuff like chocolate-covered something (they cover just about everything in chocolate) but I was in a bit of a hurry since it was about time for Colm to get home from school. I didn’t browse too much.

Now, I will first say that these were hand-me-downs, and they did have a teeny tiny hole in them when Colm wore them today for the very first time, BUT that hole grew a LOT while he was at school today. Geesh kid.

I read another book by this author that I really liked, so I hope this one delivers too.

Notice the instructions on my new socks…


I have been reading about this shampoo/soap for awhile. It’s totally all natural and is supposed to be great for your skin, your hair, laundry and it even says you can brush your teeth with it, but I’m not willing to try that. Anyways, so far so good in the shower, but don’t get it anywhere near your eyes with all of that peppermint oil. Ouch!

We are getting our OBOB library started for the year. So far we only have three books. Colm hasn’t fully committed to participating yet, so we’ll see if he can get a team together and then we might get a few more.

Liam has really been on some great soccer teams since we’ve lived here…great coaches with great kids. After today’s victory, coach decided the boys deserved a “team meeting” at Krispy Kreme.