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Colm is on a new team this year which means he has a new coach…thank goodness! In case you don’t know about his coach from last year (when he was a third grader, mind you) he made the kids run so much that Colm threw up…twice! Colm started not wanting to go to soccer. That’s just wrong on so many levels. I know the man who is coaching him this year and I can tell you already, that it’s going to be MUCH better.

I got a little weepy when I took this picture. It wasn’t that long ago when I had to practically drag a sobbing 3-year old Liam into his first VBS class. Now look at him…hanging out with the teenagers and he’s transitioned from a VBSer to a VBS helper. Liam is helping prep snacks this week..which means he also gets to help eat the leftovers. Bonus!!!


It’s VBS week! We spent HOURS on Sunday setting up and decorating. The church looks amazing and has been turned into a castle complete with a knight, a throne, castle walls and lots of banners hanging from the ceiling. I wish the sun wasn’t washing out the designs on some of the banners in this picture. They were all amazing and were homemade. I don’t know who made them all, but they were fantastic!!!

My car got very dirty on our vacation, both inside and out. We didn’t take care of the inside mess (pebbles and mud) on this trip to the car wash, but the boys did a great job of washing the outside…they had fun, too.