Archive for August 16th 2013

Today was our 4th Annual Lemonade/Popsicle stand to benefit The Oregon Food Bank. They boys did a great job making the signs and they earned over $50 in two hours as well as collected some canned goods. (Colm is behind one of the signs and the other kiddo is our neighbor who was a huge asset to our efforts today…boundless energy.) 🙂

The boys have spent the past two days at the pool having jumping contests with various friends. Liam wins the cannonball contest every time. I think in this one they are working on their can opener skills.

Colm and Sean are building and painting a rocket on the kitchen table. Heaven help them if any of that paint gets ON my kitchen table. 🙂

Shoes off, laying in the grass, earbuds in….perfect night at the soccer fields.


The Softball Little League World Championships were in town so we thought we’d go check it out. There were teams from all over the world. We watch The Philippines vs. Arizona.

A daughter of a friend of mine was in this musical this weekend and it was fantastic. It turned out there were several other kids that we knew who were also in it and I was so impressed that they were able to put on such a wonderful production in just two weeks of rehearsals.